Introductions First

Hello!  My name is Jess and this is my first attempt at blogging.  What spurred this you might ask?  2016 has been a year of changes and realizing thing.


I ended a long-term relationship, fell in love with a new guy, moved from Houston to New Braunfels (with said new guy), got a nephew, started a new job at a specialty animal hospital, joined a new CrossFit gym, enrolled in the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Program, and started knitting (sorry what!?).

With all of these new steps, one thing has remained the same and led my decisions, I follow my gut, always!  The thing about my guy is…it’s lazy AF.  So while it is precise in its feelings, it certainly doesn’t want to do a lot to go down that path.  Sorry I’m a millennial?


Aaaaaaanyways, the reason for this blog is to chronicle, purge, and share my travels of being a 20-something year old trying to completely change her career from a veterinary technician to a nutritional therapy practitioner and all around healthy guru.  I’ll be sharing some of my recipes, workouts, what I’m learning in school, and rambling.  Please feel free to ramble with me!



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