Simple Almond Milk

Dairy-free is the way to be!! Let’s just start by saying that.

Being lactose intolerant, milk is my biggest frenemy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love milk and cookies, grilled cheese, and ice cream as much as any other 20-something year old girl.  However, after many relationship issues between Cody and I, I had to give it up if you smell my drift.  Sorry, TMI.  Anyway, Cody doesn’t indulge in the liquid white devil either.  It inhibits his workout and makes him break-out on his back and we can NOT have that.

We used to buy the Silk Vanilla Almond Milk by the carton.  We discussed making our own but it was way too daunting.  Don’t you need like a distillery and a license? Do the almonds have to be pregnant?  A magic spell? I don’t know. We didn’t ask. It was beyond us. We are mere mortals.

One day feeling brave, I googled.  And the results shocked me, not only can I make almond milk and keep my first born, but it is SUPER easy. So easy that even I can do it.  All I needed was a blender, an old tank top, and a little muscle.  So after hitting the gym and doing some curls, I gave it a shot.


After soaking two cups of raw almonds overnight, rinse them in the sink then pour them into your blender.  I don’t measure the water, I just fill it to the top.


Once well-blended, pour it into a sprout bag, cheese cloth, or thin towel.  Our first time, we went to the store and paid 12$ for a pack of four cloths that fell apart after one use. After that I decided to cut up an old tank top and give it a go.  Worked perfect and after I’m done, I just rinse it out, wash it, and reuse.


Start spinning the bottom part so it constricts the almonds and strains the milk out.  This is where the muscle comes in: spin super tight and just compress different areas until it seems completely dry.


I have to make two batches to get us through the week.


Because we like the vanilla flavoring, we add in one tablespoon of vanilla extract.  We have added dates in, but don’t see much of a difference since we don’t drink it raw, so we just leave that bit out.


Next, pour it into a container with an air-tight lid and refrigerate.


This mixture will stay good for about 3-4 days.  Anything longer than that and it turns real thick and real gross.  We’ve found that out the hard way!

Anyway, I hope you feel emboldened to give it a shot.  This could make a pretty cool project for a patient parent with a full container of Clorox wipes.



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