Weekly Workouts: 11/14-11/20


The 5:15a crew is INSANE! Waking up early can sure make people delirious!

Monday- Rest Day. Not only did I need the recovery, but our apartment needed some TLC….BADLY!


  • Weightlifting – Every :50s do 2 C&J* @75% of your max clean and jerk. I always add about 10# to my max for percent work so I did these at 125#.
    • Hips felt wonky, power felt off, but focused on form and got it done.
  • WOD – For time: 21 thrusters @ 65#, 21 pull-ups, 15 thrusters @ 75#, 15 chest-to-bar, 9 thrusters @ 85#, 9 bar muscle-ups. I RX’d the weight, but scaled the movements to ring-rows, kipping pull-ups, and box-assisted chest-to-bar with a controlled decent.
    • Whoever invented thrusters should be publicly flogged…in multiples of 3


  • Weightlifting: 5 attempts to find your max hang power snatch.  Took a little bit more than five attempts, failed at 115# so my number is 105#.  THEN take 75% of 105# and do max effort hang power snatches: I did 7. Definitely not failure, but was racking myself WAY too hard with the bar.  That my friends is called a hitch. Booooooo!
    • Baby hands were CRYING!!
  • WOD – For time: 21,15,9 of Deadlifts @ 155#, box step-ups, and handstand push-ups. I have only done one or two handstand push-ups on the wall before and it was not in a wod.  So I decided to be brave and give it a go, if I couldn’t get it, I already had my box out to scale.  ****45 wall handstand push-ups later**** “uh, ok? I guess I did that” Time: 9:09. 🙂
    • Upgrading to RX one movement at a time.  Growth my friends.



  • Weightlifting:  15 minutes to find our one rep max snatch.  These time-capped maxes are always difficult for me due to needing a while to warm-up.  115# was a miss and then a make and then a miss and then a make.  Meh, lets try 120#.  MAKEEEEE! And better than 115#. I guess I’m just too strong for 115# 😉  And I decided to end on a high-note and call it.
  • WOD – Time cap 25 minutes.  1 round of Cindy, Run 400m, Rest 2:00m, 2 rounds of Cindy, Run 400m, Rest 2:00m, 3 rounds of Cindy, Run 400m, Rest 2:00m, 4 rounds of Cindy, Run 400m, Rest 2:00m, 5 rounds of Cindy, Run 400m.  What. A. Killer. I finished my run after the 4th round at exactly 25 minutes.
    • I don’t know what to whine about! My hands from the pull-ups, my chest from the push-ups, or my lungs from running in the cold.  Guess I’ll do it all.


  • Weightlifting: 15 minutes to find our one rep max clean and jerk.  I ended at 150#.  This was a match for my jerk, however not my clean.  Next time we do this, I might just go for a clean max.  I do feel pretty proud of my match. Whoot!! Whoot!!
  • WOD – AMRAP: 25 pull-ups, 50 calorie row, 100 over-head squat at 35#, 50 box-jumps at 20″, 25 pull-ups.  I was really cruising on this one…until the 4th rep on my second row of pull-ups and then tragedy struck.  I RIPPED!! I just down-graded to ring-rows for the last 30 seconds of the workout.  I really enjoyed this work-out.




I worked today from 7a – 1p, so today was a rest-day again!  I am so exhausted from the week, can’t wait to cuddle and be a bum.





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