Restaurant Review -The River House

So last Saturday New Braunfels had their annual tree-lighting and welcomed Santa to town.  Being fresh to town, Cody and I just had to go and take part in this tradition.img_0018_fotor

Tis the season!  And it was even a little chilly! So excited!


I’m wearing a knit jacket and a scarf, lady to the left has tied her jacket around her waist.  Am I dramatic or is she thick-skinned?  I’m definitely dramatic and desperate for the season.


We found this adorable little orchestra.  How cozy to just be with your loved ones and listen to live themed music.




Next we headed to The River House Tea Room.  We’ve been here once before and have always found it to be amazing.  They are completely locally sourced and their menu is seasonal.


We each ordered our own pot.  Mine was an apple cider flavor and Cody’s was a berry ginseng.


Appetizers: lump crab-cakes and a little seasonal salad. So good and very fresh.  Nothing ruins a salad quiet like wilted lettuce.


Pumpkin soup.  ❤ this!  So flavorful and cozy.


Dinner: grilled free-range chicken, brussels sprouts, butternut squash hash, and lemon butter.  Omg, to die for.


And cue the food coma! Goodnight ya’ll.

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