Let’s talk goals!


Goals are good. Let’s just start there.  I’ve read post after post about how people aren’t making resolutions because they feel defeated when they don’t stick to them.  Blah…blah…blah.  January 1st didn’t fall on a Sunday (the beginning of the week) for you to not vow to better yourself.  Now setting the goal is step 1.  Step 2 is to break it down into months and make actionable steps that you can take to fulfill those goals.  I believe in addressing all parts of my life, so like the OCD gal I am, I broke them all down and made three for each.  First I’ll share my 2017 broad goals:


  • Family: make deeper connections more frequently.
    • While we are pretty close, I do go a few days without talking to any of them and sometimes feel a little disconnected.
  • Relationships: work on seeing things from Cody’s point of view.
    • As the Taurus I am, I do sometimes see things my way and refuse to look at them from someone else’s perspective.  I’m right and that’s all there is to it.  I need to learn to see where he is coming from.
  • Fitness: RX every workout
    • While I can RX body-weight and most weighted workouts, the gymnastics kills me and is truly my weakness.
  • Mental: finish NTP course
    • This begins in February and I should be wrapping it up in November. Yay!
  • Mediation: cultivate a practice
    • It’s pretty hard to ignore all the evidence that shows that motivation is not only good for your soul but also for your mental and physical health.  More on this at a later time.
  • Professional: gain at least 5 clients.
    • Starting my business as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, things will be slow and will take time, I understand this.  However, being a nutrition coach at the gym, I hope to have at least 5 clients in any respect.



Now, my monthly goals will be much more refined and actually measurable.  A pass/fail metric if you will.


  • Family – Speak with each family member by phone 3 times a week.
    • Each family member, even if it is just to check in and say ‘I love you’.
  • Relationship – Be more present when Cody is speaking.
    • This one is not too measurable but to put my phone down and actually give him my attention.
  • Fitness – Resume ROMWOD 5 days per week.
    • Cody and I used to do this all the time, but got out of the habit and I saw it really help on my soreness and lifts.
  • Mental – Read 4 modules from the NTP program
    • Gotta get that head start so I won’t be overwhelmed when school actually starts.
  • Mediation – Meditate Monday – Friday for 10 minutes each day with a guided app.
    • I downloaded HeadSpace and so far really like it.
  • Profession – Meet with an RD to discuss shadowing or interning.
    • What a better way to learn that by interning with someone who is already living the dream.


Happy Goal Making!



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