Paleo Pistachio Bites

So my boyfriend is the kind of person we all love to hate.  Although he mainly eats incredibly clean, whole foods, he eats a lot.  Like A-LOT! Like 4000 calories a lot. Jeesh!  Hate him.  Anyways, due to this bonfire metabolism of his, he needs to be constantly snacking on something which I have taken as a personal challenge.  I make three delicious, different bites a week; and they’re PALEO!  These are my favorite.  Here’s the recipe:


So first, 1 cup of shelled pistachios (I put them in the food processor first so that the pieces aren’t as huge), ½ cup of coconut flakes, and ¼ cup of almond flour. img_1433_fotor

Next, ½ cup of cocoa powder, ⅓ cup of almond butter, ⅓ cup of honey, and ½ tsp of vanilla extract.  Let me clarify what I said earlier; these are paleo and contain whole food ingredients, they are not by any means low-cal or low-carb or low-anything.  Between the coconut, the cocoa powder, and the honey, they have a good bit calories which is why he only eats three bites a day.


Just mixing the ingredients thoroughly which I prefer to do by hand. More therapeutic that way.  Also I don’t own a mixer, whatever.


Finally, I weight out 1 ounce and then roll it into a nice, little ball.  These are perfectly bite bsized and easy to take on the go.


Bag ’em up, put them in the fridge, and the boyfriend you’re jealous of you love has plenty to snack on through-out the week.



Happy snacking!


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