Health and Wellness

Paleo Chocolate Seed Bites

Two different types of seeds  PLUS coconut?! These little energy bites are full of healthy fats plus a chocolatey twist if you’d like.

I learned the hard way to soak or steam the dates.  That’s crucial to getting the bites the right consistency.  I break them into halves, remove the bit, and then process them into a nice paste.  The difference between when I make them for myself (the hard weight-loser) and when I make them for Cody (the hard weight-gainer) is that I don’t use the dried fruit or dark chocolate.  I don’t need the extra calorites or carbohydrates: the dates are sufficient enough for me.  I’m simply into these babies for their healthy fats.

Mix it all together, roll them into 1 ounce balls, and wah-la!  Perfect, colorful, and SO easy.




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