Weekly Workouts: ½9 – 2/4

Can you believe it’s the last week in January already?! Whoa…


Open gym: I did 7 sets of 2 snatches at 125# and then worked up to a heavy jerk from the blocks.  I finished at 155# which is a match more a PR from me. Oh ya!  We finished it off with this little doozy: 95# on the bar then: hold in back rack for 30s, hold in full-depth squat for 30s, hold in back rack for 30s, push jerk to front rack, hold front rack for 30s, hold full-depth front rack squat for 30s, hold front rack for 30s then push jerk to back rack and rest.  We did that little cycle twice.  What’s up shoulders and lats?! Front rack was rough for sure.


Weightlifting: 5X5 OHS – @ 80% of last week’s 9rm across all sets, rest 2:00. I worked at 115# across all reps and felt fantastic.


15.1 Open WOD

AMRAP of 9min

15 toes-to-bars

10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)

5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)


1-rep-max clean and jerk

6-minute time cap.  I finished with 5 rounds plus 5 reps doing knees-to-elbows and then hit 155# on my C&J which was a match for my jerk PR.  Feeling’ good! 


Today is a run day and I am following the couch to half-marathon app.  Today was a repeat of Friday: 5minute warm up walk, 3min run/2min 7x, 5minute cool-down walk.  Ran 3.5 miles and burned 349 calories.


Baloo has zero time for me.


5X5 T&G Power Snatches – @ 80% of last week’s 9rm across all sets. I worked at 85# and it wasn’t took bad at all.  Probably should have jumped up to 95#.


Alternating EMOM for 20:00 of:

Even – 2,4,6,8,10* Deadlifts 225/155#

Odd – 20/15 Calorie Row

*The 2,4,6,8,10 Deadlifts mean ascending reps through the first 5 rounds, then back down to 2, then 4, then 6, etc., to finish.

I finished.  Rx’d it. I died a little.  I checked my heart rate half way through and was at 180 beats per minute which I basically the heart rate of a freaked out cat.  Whoa.  


Went home to visit family and decided to enjoy them and not focus of fitness.  The baby is getting so big and jolly.  He is such a little light in the world.


Life happened.  Did not get to workout.  Can’t wait for team workouts tomorrow.


Teams of 3:

Each individual completes 3 rounds of:

25 jumping lunges

25 mountain climbers

25 lateral hops over the bar

Each team completes 3 rounds of

40 burpees

40 power cleans

40 sumo deadlift high-pulls

40 box jump overs

200m run.

And that’s it for the week, it was a good one although pretty slow.  See ya next week!

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