Health and Wellness

I Can’t Believe…

This week’s shopping shock…butter!

So butter has been the enemy for a while, I understand that, however when I went into the butter isle and went shopping for options, I was shocked to find that the three biggest sellers not only are fake AF, but also contain very little milk in them! They are a shell of real butter.

What’s making up the fat content of these pretenders? The shittiest of the shittiest oil! Palm oil, canola oil, and soybean oil!  One has olive oil in it, and I’d like to give it the benefit of the doubt that it is high quality, but I’d probably be disappointed.

Each one of these ‘butters’ also tote a healthy brag. “No hydrogenated oils” “No trans fat” “No cholesterol”  Whateverrrrrrrrrrr.  It’s all a gimmick and a trick.  The ‘ole “look right, and we’ll hit you from the left”

Instead of these assholes, try and find a butter that is closest to the source…which is milk for those who don’t know.  Grassfed butter is obviously best.  It has the highest nutrient content and guess what?! Even some lactose intolerant people can process that kind of butter since it isn’t nasty and processed.

Lesson from this? Read your labels.  You gotta look out for you boo, the government sure isn’t.

Another week, another frustration,


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