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The REAL Truth about Heartburn

We’ve all grown-up hearing that stomach acid is bad for you and the over-production of stomach acid can lead to heartburn and other health issues.  This is not the whole truth, it’s not even part of the truth…and here is why:

Stomach acid is produced by the body to help digest our food, mainly the protein portion.  Once the stomach acid turns the food into a soupy consistency and enters the small intestine, the HCl cues the pancreas to release its digestive enzymes.

Now, if we block the stomach acid, then our food does not get fully digested, it doesn’t empty into the sm. intestines in a timely manner, nor does it stimulate the pancreas to do it’s thing.

There is also a host of little microorganisms living in your intestines which need a certain pH to live.  If we alter that pH too much for too long, these friends will start to die out and leave us vulnerable for a bacterial or viral attack from some less friendly microbes.  Now the bad bacteria that was supposed to be killed by the acid back in the stomach is still chillin’ in your partially digested food and can then consume that area and start a REAL issue.

Now that you’re convinced that you need stomach acid, are you doomed to a life of heartburn? No, my friend, there is another way!

First, heartburn is can be caused from an UNDER production of HCl, so one option is to supplement with extra stomach acid so that your food can get digested quicker and not push the stomach acid back into your throat.  If you are chewing too quickly, then you’re swallowing your food before the stomach has a chance to expel the acid so it’s basically just sitting on top of huge food pieces unable to do it’s job. CHEW PEOPLE!

There are also certain  diet protocols that can be shifted that make it easier for the acid to actually work on the food, exercise and weightless have been known help as well.

First things first…put down the Tums and step away!


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