Too Much Medication?

Disclaimer: this is not an assault against Western medicine or it’s practices.  We have all been saved by Western medicine at some point in time.  With that being said, it has also failed us. 
Western medicine has a time and a place. Broken arm? Cast it. Heart attack? Save them.  Western medicine’s place is usually during acute episode or injury.  Western medicine FAILS at wellness.  It is designed to treat symptoms, rarely to cure a disease.
Example: ADD/ADHD symptoms or the entire disease has been found to be helped/cured with a complete gluten-free diet and supplementing with other nutrients.  Rather than medicate and dull your vibrant child, why not support them?
81% of Americans are taking pharmaceutical medication daily.  With that being said, prescription medication kills more yearly than heroin and cocaine combined.  100,000 people die yearly from using prescription medication as prescribed. NOT overdosing. NOT improper combining.
Rather than trading symptoms of disease with symptoms from medication, seek out a functional doctor or therapist who can examine your symptoms, perform an exam, and hopefully give supplements to help support your body during this difficult period.  You’d be amazed at how willing you body is to heal, you just have to show it the way.


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