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Super Charge Your Water

Do you suffer from light-headedness, poor concentration, heart palpitations, or muscle cramps?

The answer could be your daily water intake.  We all know that dehydration can hinder your athletic ability and be a HUGE health risk.

However for those water obsessed individuals, drinking too much water without replenishing your electrolytes can be highly detrimental to your health as well.

A few of the best natural mineral supplements are a higher quality salt supplement such as pink Himalayan sea salt, citrus, coconut water, or bone broth.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt – sprinkle a bit in your water through-out the day.  You shouldn’t be able to taste the salt.

Coconut Water – packed with electrolytes and perfect to put in a smoothie or to chug on its own.  I prefer this brand due to zero additives.  Look at ingredients and make sure it isn’t from concentrate.

Bone Broth – try and get grass-fed, pasture-raised bones for your broth.  And don’t be afraid to use the odd parts such as the feet.  I love Wellness Mama and her recipe is amazing!

Lemon juice is also another source.  Squeeze some in your water and you can also get a boost of Vitamin C.

Try and avoid the artificial electrolyte supplements such as Gatorade and Power-ade.  They just provide excessive sugar, artificial flavors, and color dyes.  These three ingredients can lead to full-body inflammation and drastically slow your recovery process.

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