Health and Wellness

Epigenetics 101

Epigenetics is a newer field of study in which scientists are observing whether or not genes can either be ‘turned off’ or ‘turned on’ due to external factors.

What does this mean?  There are four building blocks that create the base of our DNA.  The arrangement of these DNA bases determine the instructions for our life.  What color our hair will be, how outgoing we are, what diseases we will have…  Genes are a specific number of bases in a certain order and these genes provide instructions on how to make proteins which will then carry out our life’s functions.

Certain circumstances in life (diet, stress, environment) can either ‘turn on’ a gene or ‘turn off’ a gene.  By ‘turning on’ a gene, this means to be expressed.  Whether that means ‘to have brown hair’ or ‘to get Alzheimer’s at 60 years old’.

So the exciting part: while we may have the gene for Alzheimer’s, we can turn it off! Through our lifestyle (diet, exercise, mindset, environment) we can make the gene inactive.  We can theoretically control our genes as long as know how to flip the switch.  Now we know how to ‘turn on’ switches: smoking = lung cancer, drinking = liver issues, poor diet = heart disease, but what if we could turn them off?

Example: breast cancer runs in your family.  Your mother, sister, and aunt.  You test positive for the active gene, however through eating a certain way and following a protocol, you are able to avoid breast cancer all together.

We could possibly choose our life’s course.

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