Health and Wellness

The Dangers of Plastic

It’s 2017 and we all have busy lives in which toting around paper or reusable cloth bags may not be the most practical thing.  But what about toting around fifteen extra pounds around your middle?  While it doesn’t seem like these two problems are related, they could be.

The most popular plastic compound, BPA, has slowly been creeping into legislation and companies’ agendas.  More are realizing that this compound is affecting our health and the health of unborn generations.  BPA mimics estrogen in the body and can lead to weight gain and hormonal imbalances.  BPA was even once given to livestock before slaughter to help fatten them up!  The CDC reports that 92% of people tested (including infants) have BPA within their body from contamination.  This chemical slowly leaches from your water bottle, plastic Tupperware, and baggies.

The other well-known compound is Phthalates, which have already been banned in most of Europe.  This compound is found in most plastics and has been linked to infertility in men, endometriosis, and birth defects.

The final compound is polyvinylchloride or PVC.  These are hidden in our household items and cosmetics.  It’s been linked to liver failure, cancer, and birth defects as well.


            Better options?

  • Glass

Glass Water Bottle

Glass Tupperware

  • Stainless steel

Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons

  • Wooden Serving-ware

Wooden Serving Spoons

Wooden Serving Plates

Also check out Crooked Wood Productions at the New Braunfels Farmer’s Market, they have great products and are a local company. Crooked Wood Productions

  • Reusable grocery bags

How To Make Your Own Tote

Reuse-able Produce Bags

  • Buying wooden or metal toys
  • Last Resort: Acceptable Plastics

This website gives great insight into the different makes/kind of plastics and which are harmful to you and your children.  Know Your Plastics

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