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7 Tips for Staying On Your Food Game

How often do you find yourself standing in front of a refrigerator full of food and thinking “I don’t know what I want eat, but I do know I’m not in the mood to cook”?  For me, it used to be daily and then I would lazily pour myself a bowl of cereal and congratulate myself for not ordering Chinese delivery.  You do not have to be this person.  You can have food ready for you daily WITHOUT having to sacrifice a Sunday for it.  Here are a few of my easy tips.

  1. Salad. In. A. Bag.
    This is the easiest start to a meal since the invention of fire.  Literally pour it in a bowl and you’re half way done.  Next step: throw your nut or seed of choice on top, then pick whatever protein is in the refrigerator, and drizzle some olive oil over it and DONE!
  2. Quinoa or Couscous
    Go ahead and boil yourself a fair bit of this on Sunday, put it in a glass container and then munch on it through-out the week.  I really like this brand since the quinoa is already sprouted.
    Sprouted Quinoa
  3. Restaurant Meat
    Is that cheating?  I don’t think so.  At the beginning of the week find a restaurant whose standards are up to yours, order some cooked meat, and save it to eat throughout the week.  Whole Foods is a GREAT option for this.  They have tons of choices and usually aren’t too pricey.
  4. Meal Swap
    Have friends with the same issue?  Get  together and volunteer for a night to prepare meals to make and deliver dinner to everyone.  What could be better than getting home with dinner already waiting on you?
  5. A steamer
    After investing in a steamer, life became so much easier!  I’ll set it in the corner and then let veggies or rice steam while I’m unwinding from the day.  Once done, top with the pre-made protein and enjoy your veggie or rice bowl.  The levels to this steamer make it a top notch selection: Bella Steamer.
  6. An Instant Pot
    These babies are PERFECT for realizing it’s currently 4pm and dinner hasn’t even crossed your mind.  A slow-cooker on steroids.  It’s amazing for soups and broth for sure!!  These are totally worth the investment.  Ask for one for Christmas if you have to!
  7. Smoothie Bags
    This is usually my last, not-enough-energy-to-chew option.  But for these emergencies, I have little freezer bags pre-measured with greens, fruit, and marine collagen.  All I have to add is my homemade walnut milk and enjoy!


We all need a steady stand-by meal: something that takes minutes to prepare and does not ruin our progress for the week or leave us nutritionally unsatisfied.  Find your reliable go-to and skip the emptiness of a cereal bowl.

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