About Me

My name is Jess Foulds and I am an Integrative Nutritionist out of New Braunfels, Texas.  I am a born and bred Texan and grew up in a small town where beef was king and Crisco was queen.  Throughout my adolescent years I struggled with being over-weight, having chronic fatigue syndrome, being sick at LEAST 5 times a year, and a host of intestinal issues.  These were my normal state.  Overweight was normal.  Being tired was normal.  I thought I was just a sickly person and took gas pills daily to try to fix my stomach issues.  NOTHING helped.  I then graduated high school and took my sickly, gassy, and overweight self to Houston, Texas to study nutrition at The University of Houston.

While I had an inkling that nutrition could be the missing piece to the puzzle, it wasn’t until I took control and started to heal myself through diet and Chinese medicine that the picture became clear.  I am lactose intolerant (explains the stomach pains), an Epstein-Barr Virus carrier (auto-immune protocol lessens the constant illness and fatigue), and have lost over 40 pounds eating whole, nutritious food.

It is through combining Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and western nutritional philosophy that I have found success solving my health concerns as well as those of my clients.  But what really makes the Bum-way special is just how easy it can be to find your health.  It’s not pre-screening the restaurant to make sure there are options, counting every calorie down to the french fry, or metabolism-boosting pills. 

As a born Bum, I have found ways to make alternative therapies work for me and my lifestyle, rather than making my lifestyle work them.  I do not have a backyard garden, a personal chef, or an extra $2,000/month to spend on luxury food.  I have my education, creativity, and a sense of humor; which means if my food is bad, at least I can laugh about it!

Namaste ya’ll!